An attorney doesn't want to waste their time 
talking to you about the law until you have paid 
a retainer fee so they can represent you
 and start billing you for their time.

A free consultation with an attorney is so they can 

determine  if they can create issues in your case
 to keep the litigation going and make money. 

If they know they can keep the issues going, 

they then talk you into retaining them.

A client once had an attorney say they could 

get alimony for her.

After paying the retainer fee they told her 
she could get a dollar a month. 

Attorneys say they can do things they can't, 

just to get you to retain them.

Don't fall for their ploy and the first time

you catch them lying, know they will lie to you 
and give you bad advice.

With Motions 4 Sale you can purchase 
prewritten motions, briefs, or supporting documents 
to help you represent yourself  in the family court, 
the court of appeals, and even the federal court.

Represent yourself quick and easily. 

Save time and money!

Look professional and competent!

 Watch the video below to see 
just how easy it is to represent yourself. 

For your free-motion templet email 


It could take up to two weeks to write an appeal. 
Now you can do it within 24 hours!

You cannot get the Family Court Journal, 

the Family Court Motion Guide, 
or the Situational Journal on any other website! 

A noncustodial mother created these tools

to help parents! She represented herself for  
17 years in the family court system 
and others have done the same after 
buying these item.

They had no college education! 

Don't believe what the court system says about 

needing representation, we have the pro se 
information to add to your motions

The Family Court Journal 
The Journal is used with interactions with 
the other parent or anyone who works with 
the family court. You can use this journal 
to write motions, file complaints,
or write a press release. 

This is an exclusive product made by
 one of our Legal Domestic Abuse Coaches. 
Purchase for $19.95! 

The Family Court Motion Guide 
The guide has pictures, links, and other 
information. Use when writing a motion for 
family court. This is an exclusive product 
created by one of our 
Legal Domestic Abuse Coaches.
 (Not recommended for commonwealth states.)
Purchase now for $19.95!

Situational Journal
This journal is a small version of the 
Court Journal. You get six incidents that you can 
fill out and keep track of. You can use it to mail to 
your attorney or keep it and file by dates.
 Great for writing motions, investigations, 
and press releases. Many parents give the 
Situational Journal to other parents so they too 
can document the situations that happen with others. 
Purchase now for $5.00



                  Art Soolk